Taking Driving Lessons with a New Instructor

12 April 2020

Alexandra tells us what it’s like switching to a new driving instructor

Alexandra takes driving lessons in Sheffield.

Having already completed 15 hours of (unsuccessful and terrifying) driving lessons, needless to say I was feeling anxious for my first lesson with Martin at Need to Pass Quick. It was 7am on Friday morning, and I was shaking with nerves as I stepped into the car. Quickly, all of my anxieties seemed to fade away. As Martin introduced himself, I knew he was different to the other rigid instructors I had experienced. He put me totally at ease by talking me through the course, the background to his business, and having general light-hearted banter. Whilst being driven to a quieter road to analyse my current driving abilities I was given the task of completing a mock theory test. Much to my dismay, this was my first ever attempt – and apparently, my common sense was lacking as I failed with a grand total of 30%. Clearly, there was much work to be done!

Once we arrived at our location, I was asked to step into the driver’s seat. I was gently reminded how to adjust mirrors, seating position and steering wheel height. As my driving worries returned, Martin talked me through every step, from pressing the clutch down to starting the engine, getting in gear and finally moving off. Unlike with other driving instructors, I felt relaxed and in control.

During my first lesson, I was challenged but never felt as though I was ‘thrown in at the deep end’. We first tackled left and right turns, small roundabouts and my first ever reverse bay parking! It was an icy day, so I also endured my first skid – which was met by a horrified squeal from me, and a fit of laughter from Martin.

Since then I’ve had a further 6 lessons and have massively gained confidence and ability thanks to Martin’s calm, knowledgeable and all round enjoyable approach to teaching. For the first time since my initial attempt at driving, I genuinely look forward to the lessons. I have attempted all manoeuvres required for test and have mastered gear changes. On top of this, I have also passed my theory test!

I am so grateful to Martin and Need to Pass Quick for all of his help for getting me this far, and for helping me enjoy it so much – look out for updates on my progress coming soon!

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