Smart Motorways shut off after Fatalities

17 February 2020

38 deaths over the past 5 years has meant that the a 6.2 mile stretch of M20 motorway has had to close, the Sun reports.

Work to convert a 6.5-mile stretch of the M20 into a smart motorway in Kent which was due to be completed in March after two years of work has been paused.

The Transport Secretary told the House of Commons: "That stretch of the M20 and all other stretches which are currently being worked on will not be opened until we have the outcome of the stock take."

Other smart motorway schemes due to be completed this year include, a ten-mile stretch of the M62 in Greater Manchester, 11 miles of the M23 near Gatwick Airport and nearly 14 miles of the M6 between Coventry and Coleshill.

Philip Gomm, of motoring research charity the RAC Foundation, said: "On safety grounds this pause is unarguable. But it does mean that for users of the M20 - who have suffered delays not just because of this scheme but also the Brexit-related speed restrictions and lane closures - the inconvenience is set to go on.

Source: The Sun
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