New DVLA Update on Processing Times for Driving Licences and Logbooks

1 January 2022

Due to Covid-19 and a significant volume of inquiries, the DVLA has modified its processing times for paper driving licences and logbooks.

While wait times are likely to be long, you may be able to drive while your application is being processed in some cases. Because there are no delays with online transactions, if you applied for your new licence online, your application will already be in the process. In fact, the DVLA encourages the use of online services to reduce application delays.

However, if you submit a paper application, wait times may be higher due to the impact of Covid safety precautions and continuing industrial action.

Complex applications, such as those requiring a medical examination as part of the licensing process, may experience longer delays.

Updated dates for paper applications

The dates listed below correspond to what the DVLA claims to be working on for various sorts of paper applications:

  1. Renew a driving licence with a new photo - 26 October 2021
  2. Apply for a first provisional driving licence with UK identity - 28 October 2021
  3. Renew a driving licence if you’re 70 or over or after disqualification or revocation - 26 October 2021
  4. Apply for a first vocational driving licence - 13 January 2022
  5. Renew a vocational driving licence - 12 January 2022
  6. Apply for a driving licence with a non-UK identity - 26 October 2021
  7. Apply for or renew a tachograph card - 12 January 2022
  8. Apply to change your name or address on your driving licence - 27 October 2021
  9. Tell DVLA about the sale of a vehicle -10 January 2022
  10. Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) changes - 31 December 2021
  11. Apply for a replacement V5C logbook - 21 December 2021
  12. Register a vehicle for the first time (including previously used and imports) - 6 January 2022
  13. Retain or assign a vehicle registration number - 7 January 2022

It's vital to know that you must contact the DVLA if you don't obtain your car documentation within six weeks of submitting an application.

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