How to Pass your Driving Test in 24 Hours

3 April 2019

Chloe White passed her driving test with 24 hours of intensive driving lessons in Sheffield

Chloe started driving lessons on her 17th Birthday at the end of January. Fast forward two months and she’s passed her driving test with just 24 hours of driving lessons. Before she started learning with us, she’d never been behind the wheel of a car. She was a fast learner and was determined to pass her test so she could have the freedom to drive to college and work. Now she’s done it, in such a short amount of time, fitting her lessons in around her busy college and work schedule.

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We asked Chloe what she liked most about learning to drive. She told us:

“I love that I’ve learned everything so quickly. I haven’t felt rushed but I’ve kept the momentum going by having lessons regularly.”

Chloe’s pass shows that condensing time behind the wheel really helps with quick learning. Compared to the traditional learning to drive method of driving for an hour each week, this allows people to learn faster, but not intensively, so they can still fit in their normal life commitments. When we asked Chloe what she thought of Martin, her driving instructor, she told us:

“Martin made me feel comfortable on all my lessons. Even if I made mistakes he’d just correct me and we’d carry on. he’s chatty, which made me feel better when I was driving with him. I’m really pleased with how well he has worked around me – if there was a time I couldn’t do he’d just change it. He’d never cancel.”

Chloe’s been an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing her driving around Sheffield in her new car. Good luck Chloe!

If you need to pass quick and you want to pass your test in 24 hours, you can start today. Visit our courses and prices page to find out which driving package is suited to you and to book your course.

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