City Pass Club with City Drive School! / Dec 2020

31 December 2020

Another Batch of Happy Customers and Hitting the Road!

We want to wish all our great customers a fantastic New Year, and lots of luck for 2021! Take it easy out there guys!

Sam Wragg

Congratulations to Sam Wragg who passed this morning at Middlewood..he’s learnt with our Andy.. well done to you both guys 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

sam wragg dec pass club

Ella Lawrence

Well done to Ella Lawrence who passed her test this morning at Sheffield Handsworth. She was taught by our Chris. Good luck Ella, drive safe 👍🏻

Ella Lawrence dec pass club

Mustapha Aldalou

Congratulations to Mustapha Aldalou who passed today on his first try at Sheffield’s been my pleasure to help you matey 👍🏻

Mustapha Aldalou dec pass club

Helen Swann

A massive well done to Helen Swann who passed her test this morning with the help of our Louise.. congratulations and safe driving Helen.. 👍🏻

Helen Swann dec pass club

Morgan Rimmington

Well what can I say.. Morgan Rimmington absolutely smashed her driving test this morning with 0 faults!! Clean sheet, zero, Nada’s been my pleasure to help you get there.. congratulations and safe driving .. 😁

Morgan Rimmington dec pass club

Taylor Marples

A massive well done to Taylor Marples who passed his test first time at Sheffield Handsworth with the help of our Chris.. congratulations guys !! superstars!! 😁

Taylor Marples dec pass club

Liam Rogers

Just one more to squeeze in before the new year .. well done to Liam Rogers who passed today at Handsworth with a little help from me with only 3 DFs!! Safe driving matey 😁

Liam Rogers dec pass club

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