on 29 May 2024

Manual Vs Automatic licence. Which should you get?

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on 27 April 2024

What should you expect on first driving lesson?

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on 13 December 2023

Driving licence changes to allow teenagers to drive HGVs criticised

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on 4 October 2023

Renewal of driving license is delayed by weeks and an additional £7.50 due to a DVLA technical fault

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on 21 September 2023

How do I renew my driving licence?

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on 1 May 2022

Highway Code changes warning drivers who stream music in their car at risk of fines

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on 1 April 2022

New Highway Code rules have modified who receives priority at roundabouts

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on 1 March 2022

A new DVSA driving test rule bans learner drivers from driving these vehicles

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on 1 February 2022

New Highway Code Rule Says Drivers That Use Music While Can Receive Driving Fines

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